Doris is wife to Joel and mom to three adult children.  She loves the simple things in life, good coffee, great food and time with friends all make her smile.  Not a stranger to adversity, Doris credits the Divine for her survival and sanity.  Her early years were full of chaos, in part due to growing up in abuse and dysfunction. At the age of 26 a "divine intervention" occurred when she met Joel in a bar, they married shortly after.  Their lives have been forever changed.  In 2002, after five years of summer trips to Rosebud, they moved their family to rural South Dakota.   There they became a part of the community.  Their family served in a local soup kitchen and got involved with Habitat for Humanity.  Joel and Doris helped develop and expand the local Habitat program.  Traveling, speaking and sharing about their work and lives there.  In June of 2007 Doris received a diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  This forced them to returned to North Carolina for treatment. Doris became an advocate, volunteer and became a professional in the cancer survivorship community.  Doris helped start  a peer mentoring program. She held community events designed to educate, encourage and empower those affected by cancer.  She spoke often as an advocate at community events. And helped design and implement the survivorship program at her local cancer center.   Uniquely qualified, caring,  knowledgeable and passionate are words used to describe her by peers.  She has touched the hearts of many with her compassion and wisdom.  Doris loves Bible study, and encouraging peace, growth and healing in others.  



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