Hello, my name is Doris -just Doris.  

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I say just Doris because in my professional life the question was always what initials go after your name?....my response was always, none....I am just Doris.  

As a child, one of my painful memories was hearing often...oh, it's just Doris.  Like I didn't matter much.  As an adult, I love just Doris because it describes who I am. What you see is what you get, I am what I am-  an imperfect wife, mother, writer, speaker and community advocate.  I survived child abuse, alcohol, being a post abortive woman, being a missionary, being a women's ministry leader, and I am a ten year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I love to talk about anything that matters, and sometimes things that don't.  I have worked in Cancer Survivorship and in the non profit world. Now, for the most part, we are empty nesters.  I am focusing on enjoying life and unpacking my head and heart from all the things listed above.  Join me on my journey.