Freedom Calling

There are times when my heart feels so heavy, Like the hurt that’s inside has nowhere to go. Then my Savior reaches down and exposes those wounds way down deep in my soul. He reminds me of how much He loves me, How he bled and died on that tree. To free me from chains that would bind me, Because Satan doesn’t want me free. The blood of Jesus covers me, Where I have been and what’s been done to me It is there that the demons try to slay me But I know Christ has won the victory. In this fallen world that we live in there are days I find it hard to see those are days my Lord will remind me The blood of Jesus was shed for me. My sword must be drawn, the full armor of God on This battle is not for the weak I am learning how to fight ecause His face is what I seek. When I see Him it will no longer matter His presence is more than enough to smooth out all the rough edges and rest fully immersed in His love

SpitualDoris CardwellComment