News, Nobodies and Nasty Times

It seems every time I turn on the television there are new allegations of inappropriate behavior against someone famous.  I offer some observations from inside my head regarding the news of late.  First, it is not just women who are the victims of inappropriate behavior.  Nor is it just men who are perpetrators.  Second, it is wonderful when people praise the bravery of those that come forward.  But with that, there is an implication that those who don't come forward are less than brave.  I have experienced first hand the judgment of those who don't understand when someone chooses never to come forward with formal allegations.  People expect happy endings, they expect right to win, but that is not always reality. There can be a lot of pressure on victims to do what someone else feels is the right thing. My question is always who gets to decide what the right thing is? Third, many of these cases would hold no water, get no press or ever make it to a newspaper or blog if the perpetrators or victims weren't famous. 

The times we live in are constantly changing but one thing stays the same.  News outlets want stories that sell, where are the stories about helping people heal from "inappropriate behavior" or "allegations"?  Where are the stories educating people about what the red flags are to stop it before it starts?  As a nation, we voted in a president who considers discussing grabbing a woman's private parts as locker room talk.  If you were on the opposing side, not so fast, your candidate tore down women who were "brave" enough to come forward. 

Here we are, in the midst of nasty times, with nasty leaders and people of power with their nasty laundry aired all over the evening news.  While everyday people fill every town holding stories of nastiness with limited or no resources for healing or any ability to bravely come forward.  Wake up America, we are better than this. I know we are, we just don't talk about it.

Doris Cardwell