Jackasses or Jehovah...When Church Hurts

Jackass a word defined as a male donkey or one lacking in judgment and good sense.  Being in church has allowed me to experience both definitions.  We went to a nice Christmas play one year. I couldn't believe it when Mary came riding in on a real life donkey. There was plastic down to cover the carpet, I remember thinking the janitor must have been glad for that.  I have also encountered the other definition.  Those lacking in judgment or good sense. At times that has described me as well.  Instead of feeling welcomed into havens for the hurting,  many people leave churches scarred.  While looking for healing they receive more hurt. After much prayer, professional counseling and yes, coffee, I am sure this is not the way God intended it to be.  He is our Healer.  Yet often people, lacking in judgment or good sense, twist His words around in ways that hurt. Especially to those who have suffered deep inexpiable tragedy.  Don't misunderstand me,  I am not anti-church.  Church done well is a valuable community, a place of encouragement and a source of strength.  Yet often, in church, people experience the Jackasses, instead of  Jehovah.  I believe the Divine wants us all to allow Him into the places of our deepest hurts.  It is there that we see Him as He really is.  Be careful not to let the actions and ideas of well meaning Jackasses cloud your view of the Divine. If you are experiencing church hurt, I pray your wounds heal and you find true community and peace.  



Doris CardwellComment